does it smell like GOAT in here?

One of the side effects of reading (probably too much) is wanting to share what I read with other people. Call it a pathology or a geniune urge to share knowledge, doesn't really matter. What does matter is LOOK NEWSLETTERS!


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actually just questions i think might be asked, not actually questions that were asked, let alone frequently

What's with the goat?

Something I've noticed over the decades (for I am decrepit) is that Gibson was spot on when he said the future is here, but unevenly distributed. The next Greatest Of All Time thing might be around the bend, just waiting for a new bit of tech, a strange quirk of physics, or even a perspective shift. And if you've ever smelled a goat, you know it's not easy to forget that scent. So, why not go smelling for GOATs?

What about the news? or politics? or fashion? or sports?

I avoid those things in my day to day life. What does one season, political or otherwise, really do for the long term?

Social media?

Social media is Mos Eisley. A wretched hive full of scum and villany. Also the only place to be if you wanna be in a band, or hire a guy on Tatooine, apparently. I'm not really doing anything that needs that sort of interaction.

Open to suggestions?

Eventually, sure. Right now, I have about 300 articles to plow through everyday and that's quite a bit.

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